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Fire Drill in Vking rubber factory

Views: 10     Author: Louise Ye     Publish Time: 2016-07-11      Origin: Vking sales team Inquire

A fire safety plan is of little value if it is not reviewed periodically so that all supervisory staff remain familiar with their responsibilities.

A fire drill, then, is at least a review of the fire safety plan by supervisory staff. The extent to which non-supervisory staff participates in a fire drill should be worked out in cooperation with the fire department. The decision as to whether all staffs should leave the building during a fire drill should be based on the nature of the employees. It may be necessary to hold additional fire drills outside normal working hours for the benefit of employees on afternoon or night shifts, who should be as familiar with fire drill procedures as those who work during the day. If full scale fire drills are not possible during non-regular working hours, arrangements should be made so that night-shift supervisory staff can participate in fire drills conducted during the daytime.

This has not been the case as many new staff and students need to know what a fire alarm sounds like and be able to act accordingly. Conducting actual fire evacuation drills is the best way to relay this important information. It also identifies any shortfalls in the Fire Safety Plan.

Fire safety on prevention, we must always be safe this alert, practice more ,nip in the bud ,safety in production  for our company.

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