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Fitness lacrosse ball massage—best for trigger point and muscle relief

Official Lacrosse massage Ball
Durable rubber construction
Color Vary, as Per Customers' Requirement
  • VK01-01
  • Eco-friendly rubber
  • Always acceptable and welcomed
  • Laser engraved logo, transfer printing logo
  • THE BALL: A smooth rubbery lacrosse ball 2 inch in diameter. Use at home, in the gym, fitness center or work place
  • BULL'S EYE: Ball can be used as massager to soothe sore feet, ease glute pain, loosen tight hips, relieve shoulder stress or alleviate forearm pain. Works effectively for massaging out trigger points / muscle knots for improved performance in working out and everyday life. Use on your traps and deltoids after a heavy upper body workout or on glutes and calves after a long run.
  • BENEFITS: Reduce your minor aches and pains, greatly improve strength and flexibility
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Suitable for men and women. It is used by athletes, stay at home moms, teens, seniors and everyone else
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