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Show rooms of rubber pet toy

Views: 17     Author: Louise Yip     Publish Time: 2017-02-21      Origin: Site Inquire

  With the continuously increase of rubber balls and rubber pet toy,  our showroom is also being expanded to accommodate more rubber dog toy samples for the visitors to the factory.


  We have cabinets to display rubber pet toy as well as the stands. Our placement of the pet toys are regular instead of chaotic. The same sets of dog toy will be put on the same line. There is no doubt that all the pet toys and rubber balls in the showroom are produced by Vking rubber pet toy factory. All the pet toys are are unique and exquisite.


    Please feel free to contact me If you take a fancy to some of our pet toys. We have a brilliant management team and a professional R&D team to customize for you.

show room-01

show room-02

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