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The first lacrosse ball manufacturer in China with COR testing facility

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Good news for our viewers! For our lacrosse balls, we own a COR testing facilit, that means, VKING is the first lacrosse ball factory in China with COR testing facility for NOCSAE standard. 

Ball COR testing is to be conducted following the procedures in F1887 with the following exceptions. A suitable method for determining the trajectory of the ball while it trawels through the light gates before and after impact with the strike plate shall be utilized. Any trajectory deviation determined to be greater than 6 ins, shall be invalid.

We are a professional lacrosse balls factory instead of trading company, therefore we are trustable  and you will be proud of vking rubber being your lacrosse balls supplier.  Look around on our lacrosse balls website, and learn more. Chat with us and you will get more lacrosse balls discount.  Most important, we  are the first  lacrosse balls manufacturer which has COR testing equipment in China. Thus, our lacrosse balls completely meet the NOCSAE standard. Hereby,we are confident in the qulity of our lacrosse balls, Do contact us and welcome your inquiry for lacrosse ball at any time.

VKING's COR testing facility-lacrosse ball
VKING's new facility of lacrosse ball's testing
Lacrosse balls'quality testing equipment

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