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New series of dog toy with rope

Views: 18     Author: Louise Yip     Publish Time: 2017-03-15      Origin: Site Inquire

With development of Vking pet toy factory, more and more novel toys have been developed. One of the rubber pet toy series is shown below.


Why most pet lovers choose this dog toy series? There are a few important points below:

A. Our pet toys with rope can increase feeling between owners and your buddies. Bringing you closer together.

B. Rope pet toys can decompress and relieve boredom effectively as well as increasing the wisdom of your four-legged friends.

C. Its dog training tool. Interactive design, play with the dog to mobilize the interest. You pull the other end of the toy, enchance mutual feeling during the tug of war.

D. Its a perfect set of toys for your dogs, keep your best friend entertained for hours of play and exercise.

E. The high quality products would prevent fraying & mess by your dogs around your house. If you have these toys , you wont be worried about damage to your furniture again.


Welcome to make business with Vking rubber pet toy factory, youll get the best price and the best quality as well as gaining professional knowledge.

dog toy rope 1.png

dog toy rope 2.png

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